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Regional Manager in WA

Flexi Grain Pty Ltd is a family-owned and operated grain marketing specialist that has been serving the growers of the Australian grain belt since 2013. Flexi Grain specialises in providing clients with global and domestic market analysis and access to leading pool management services. An exciting opportunity exists to join the small and dynamic Flexi Grain team as a Regional Manager for Western Australia.

Working as the Regional Manager for the operations of Flexi Grain in WA, this position offers a broad range of activities including direct client contact of an established client base, key management decision making, market research and analysis and dynamic knowledge of the international and domestic grain markets.

By having a seat at the table with our experienced and highly skilled team, the Regional Manager is included in the dynamic grain marketing decision-making process and updated daily on international and domestic grain market activities.

The role will appeal to the enthusiastic grains industry person who wishes to build their knowledge base on the financial and technical instruments used by Flexi Grain to continuously strive to deliver its grain grower clients a better market outcome.

If you believe this role may be right for you, contact our General Manager, Jarrod Tonkin on a confidential basis for more information.




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