An area based contract mitigates wash-out risk, whilst permitting professional price risk management well before harvest, without the inherent risks associated with futures trading or fixed forward sale contracts.

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How does an Area Based Contract work?

Growers choose to contract specific paddocks of wheat, barley and canola to Flexi Grain. The grower then manages the contracted paddocks through to harvest, as they normally would

Once all of the production from the contracted areas has been delivered, Flexi Grain will then transfer the grain to the predetermined grain marketing strategy.

It’s that simple, there are no tonnage commitments in the contract, as growers are committing to delivering all of the grain grown from the contracted paddocks


Expressions of interest for 2020 hectare based contracts are now open.

Please submit your interest via our online form, or by contacting your area manager.

Area Based Contract ticks all the boxes.

We challenge you to find a product that offers the combined benefit of Flexi Grain’s Area Based Contract.

No washout risk
Pre-harvest market participation
Complete transparency
Exclusive regular strategy updates


The aim of FlexiTen is to capture market opportunities during the Southern Hemisphere harvest and Northern Hemisphere post dormancy emergence periods, as well as pre-harvest volatility in the Northern Hemisphere.

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FlexiCall is designed to increase a grower’s cashflow at harvest, while providing upside participation on the international market. Rather than carrying your grain, Flexi Grain will sell it at or near harvest, locking in a floor price and saving you storage fees.

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Flexi Grain professionally manages the put option strategy on your behalf. Unlike forward selling, Put options have no washout risk, whilst providing you upside participation.

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