Providing growers with the ultimate price risk management package.

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FLEXI GRAIN meets a growing demand from Australian grain growers for a more transparent, trustworthy and independent pool management system.

With so many grain marketing choices available, FLEXI GRAIN now offers another option, one that gives growers access to an Area Based Contract with a clear and well communicated strategy. In fact, Flexi Grain’s Area Based Contract is weighted in favour of growers and stacked with benefits as it has been created in conjunction with grower demand​.


  • Area Based Contract
  • No washout risk
  • Pre harvest price management
  • Independent professional analysis
  • Tonnage Based Contracts at harvest
  • Grain sales are credit insured
  • Grain asset and proceeds from sales sit in a ring fenced trust (FXG GROUP)
  • 150 years combined agricultural experience with a focus on risk management and maximising the pools value


  • Independent company with a sole focus on pool management
  • Proven record of outperforming harvest cash pricing
  • Empowering growers with independent analysis on the domestic and global grain market
  • Cash flow management (60% harvest advance or deferral for tax planning)

Access to wholesale lines via the pool

  • Futures
  • Options
  • FX
  • Finance

Transparent Communication & Information

  • Daily wire on request
  • Weekly Market & Strategy Updates
  • 24 hour access to information via the web portal
  • Delivery Summary
  • RCTI
  • Equity Report based on actual deliveries
  • Open access to audited pool report and FXG GROUP P&L’s


The aim of FlexiTen is to outperform the average harvest cash price, whilst providing exposure to post harvest volatility in local and global markets

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FlexiOption is designed to increase cashflow at harvest, whilst providing post-harvest market exposure via an Option strategy

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FlexiProtect offers pre-harvest price protection to growers, to take advantage of volatility in international or domestic grain markets.

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