1. Go to GrainCorps website
  2. Click log in.
  3. Enter your email and password, then click log in.
  4. From the crop connect menu select my stock, then on the left hand side of the menu bar select holdings.
  5. On the holdings screen, choose the site and grade you wish to transfer to Flexi Grain (FXG GROUP) # 52520, and then click on transfer at the bottom of the panel.
  6. On the select transfer type screen choose transfer to a contract and click next.
  7. You can either specify a tonnage from your stock holding or manually select tickets by checking the tick box next to each ticket you wish to transfer. Select next.
  8. Review and confirm the tonnes selected. Select next.

CBH Loadnet

  1. Go to the CBH Website
  2. Log in to Loadnet using your PAN and Password
  3. Hover over Nomination on the blue menu bar and click on Nominate in the drop down.
  4. Select the required account name and season from the drop down box.
  5. Select the relevant commodity and zone from the drop down box
  6. Select FXG GROUP as the marketer
  7. Select Contract – Grower Pays Freight as the payment method
  8. Enter your Contract Number in the box provided
  9. Select a Destination Site (your Zone)
  10. Click on Select Loads
  11. Select the loads you wish to transfer and click on Transfer Loads
  12. Make sure all details are correct and confirm by clicking Confirm Transfer
  13. A printable receipt will open in a new window.

For more information or help transferring your grain to Flexi Grain, call Adrian on 0428 722 524


  1. Login to the web portal at by using your username and password
  2. Click Manage Title Transfers
  3. To transfer grain Click New
  4. From the drop down boxes select Owner, Site, Season, Commodity and Grade
  5. Click Search
  6. Click the tick box in the Select column for stock you wish to transfer
  7. Enter tonnes in the Delivered Tonnes to Transfer column or click the All link in the All Tonnes column to transfer all available tonnes
  8. Click Next
  9. The Select Ticket page is displayed. Tick the Select checkbox on tickets to transfer.
  10. Click Next
  11. Select FLEX from Client Name drop down box
  12. Tick the Contract box and enter your Contract Number 
  13. Click Next
  14. Check that all the information is correct and click Submit

For more information or help transferring your grain to Flexi Grain, call Sam on 0400 688 515


  1. Go to the ezigrain website (
  2. Enter your username and password then select log in
  3. Select transfers followed by new transfer
  4. Step 1Select stock – choose the select stock tick box and either enter the tonnes to transfer or select all available tonnes to allocate to Flexi Grain, then click next step
  5. Step 2: Ticket Selection – either select individual entitlements to transfer or click “Auto Select Tickets” , then click next step
  6. Step 3: Select Buyer – Select FXG Group Pty Ltd, as the buyer, skip past selling option and enter your contract number then click next step
  7. Step 4: Confirm and Submit – review all details then click on “Submit” 
  8. A receipt number will be generated. A transfer report can be found in Transfers, Processed Transfers.

For more information or help transferring your grain to Flexi Grain, call Sam on 0400 688 515


  1. TBA

For more information or help transferring your grain to Flexi Grain, call Sam on 0400 688 515

Pilgrim Grain Storage

  1. Call Vicki or Paige at Pilgrim Grain Storage to arrange your transfer (08) 8752 2971.
  2. Have your contract number ready. 

Tremlett Storage

  1. Warehoused grain can be transferred either online (AgriDigital Platform) or call Andrew Tremlett (0419 553 292).
  2. Have your contract number ready.