Our Purpose

As an Independant grain pool manager, our primary focus is on professional risk management that will deliver solid, consistent returns to our growers.

We believe that by providing growers with independent analysis on the domestic and global grain markets, we can empower them with the knowledge to enable them to make the right decisions when it comes to marketing their grain.


Flexi Grain was created in 2013 to service a growing demand from Victorian mallee farmers searching for a grain marketing solution which mitigated the risk of wash outs, whilst providing them with access to pre and post harvest pooling opportunities in both the physical and derivative market.

In 2016, we launched our harvest tonnage contracts which gave grain growers access to our pooling strategies outside of the pre harvest Area Based Contract.

In 2017 we made the decision to expand our offering into Western Australia and South Australia, as we felt our unique Area Based Contract would bring financial value to growers in those states via prudent risk management, that is underpinned by local staff with a regional presence.

STEVE CAMERON, Managing Director