A 10-month post-harvest pool benchmarked on outperforming the
average harvest cash price with access to export markets.

Maximise Your Grain’s Value Post-Harvest

Flexi Grain manages grower grain post-harvest to maximise its value and manage price risk.

The Tonnage Program is a professionally managed program that provides Australian grain growers with exposure to global grain values by selling directly into the export markets.

Grain access to the Tonnage Program today. Limited capacity is available.

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Advantages for Growers

  • Capture global grain values not local cash prices
  • Flexible payment options, including deferrals
  • Utilises grain key marketing strategies
  • Takes the stress out of your grain marketing

Strategies to Maximise Value & Manage Price Risk

  1. Attempt to capture export margin by securing shipping capacity, and in doing so being able
    to sell at global values not local cash prices
  2. Reposition grain into Port Zones where shipping capacity has been secured.
  3. Where possible blend to optimise value
  4. Capitalise upon any domestic/export shorts that may develop during the year
  5. Focus on minimising warehousing and handling costs
  6. Manage risks and opportunities associated with movement in global prices via use of
    derivatives when and if deemed prudent

The Tonnage program is a 10-month strategy is structured to provide exposure to post-harvest volatility in local, and global, markets. The contract gives growers access to marketing strategies outside of a pre-harvest Hectare Based contract, whilst being benchmarked on outperforming the average harvest cash price.

Tonnage Program contracts are OPEN each year from November 1st to the end of February. 

Actual prices achieved will be dependent on future movements in global values,
exchange rates, shipping and handling costs.


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