Avoid Harvest Pressure and Selling Grain Below Fair Value

Avoid harvest pressure and selling grain below fair value by exposing grain to opportunities in post-harvest markets. Flexi Grain’s Harvest Tonnage Contracts are Now Open. A 10-month professionally managed program to provide post-harvest exposure to local and global grain markets. Strategies to Maximise Value & Manage Price Risk In years of big Australian crops, with […]

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Harvest Report (21/22)

BULLISH FACTORS DRY US Southern Plains, with v poor early Wheat ratings for main Winter producer states. Dust storms in the news, early days. DRY soils in Canada, not fully replenished from drought despite some turnaround in conditions over last months. DRY Sth American Corn/Soy areas.  LA NINA forecast until at least April May. INPUTS […]

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Feed Wheat

The last time we saw a weather event like this on the unharvested winter crop was in 2010/11.  A great lesson was learnt in market psychology.  As Warren Buffet says, “When people are scared, be greedy” and “when people are greedy, be scared”. No doubt, people will be scared of the potential downgrades for Wheat, […]

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